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Sandy Geyer – Entrepreneurial Intelligence

Sandy Geyer - Entrepreneurial Intelligence is no stranger to the entrepreneurial path and its challenges. She built up and continues to lead one of South...
Dr John Demartini - Human Behaviour

Dr John Demartini – Behavior

Dr John Demartini - Behavior is a human behavioral specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute, international best-selling author, educator and business consultant...

Filip Muyllaert – Corporate Leadership

Filip Muyllaert - Corporate Leadership is a sought-after professional keynote speaker who has addressed audiences from around the world, in all five continents. His customised...
Christof Appel - Marketing Innovation Strategy

Christof Appel – Marketing Innovation

Christof Appel - Marketing Innovation Strategy Over the last year Christof Appel - Marketing Innovation Strategy has presented in the UK, USA, Dubai and South Africa....
Victor Vermeulen - Motivational Inspirational Speaker

Victor Vermeulen – Motivational Inspirational

Victor Vermeulen - Motivational Inspirational had it all. He excelled in academics and sports and he boasted an expensive list of bursaries and awards....

Wolfgang Riebe – International Magician

Wolfgang Riebe - International Magician is the most successful South African magician in the history of the country. He is the first and only...

Bonita Nuttall – Motivational Journalist

Bonita Nuttall - Motivational Journalist an Inspirational Speaker, TV Host (Carte Blanche), Voice Artist and MC. Now living in Australia Bonita Nuttall has a passion...

David Grier – Inspiration Motivational

David Grier - Inspiration Motivational is a humanitarian Bestselling Author and Speaker,  was born into a Cape Wine Farming Family in 1960,...

Conference Speakers – Speakers Bureau

Conference Speakers International® (CSI®) is well established as the leading Speaker and Entertainment Bureau in South Africa and your first choice for any booking. For...

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