Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Wendy Mahoney – Business Innovation

Wendy Mahoney - Business Innovation – In the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Exponential Age, no more essential skill exists than the ability to transform,...

Sean Drake – Entrepreneur Corporate

Sean Drake - Entrepreneur Corporate is an investment executive, entrepreneur and media commentator committed to empowering investors and entrepreneurs to discover the wealth in...
Dr John Demartini - Human Behaviour

Dr John Demartini – Behavior

Dr John Demartini - Behavior is a human behavioral specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute, international best-selling author, educator and business consultant...

Geoff Ramm – Customer Service

Prepare to be entertained, energised and enlightened by Geoff Ramm - Customer Service on a journey of memorable customer service and marketing ideas that will...

Marc Woods – International Inspirational

A county standard swimming as a teenager Marc Woods - International Inspirational has his left leg amputated because of cancer at the age of seventeen. The...

Jack Mitchell – Customer Service

Jack Mitchell - Customer Service is Chairman of the Mitchells Family of Stores (Mitchells/Richards/Marshs and Wilkes Bashford), a three-generation family business that operates men’s...

Simon Dingle – Technology Expert

Simon Dingle - Technology Expert hosts a weekly radio show on 5FM and two podcasts - 'Binary' and 'Take Back the Day' where he...

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