Stephen Kigwa – Motivational

Stephen Kigwa - Motivational

Stephen Kigwa – Motivational has been described in clients’ testimonials as an outstanding Seminar and Conference Speaker; charismatic Inspirational and Motivational Speaker; and a dynamic spiritual person who brings about transformation in people’s lives. Kigwa teaches people how to achieve their greatness and live usefully. He helps people in life change, thinking change and attitude change.

Kigwa is an accomplished businessman and a successful info-preneur who has devoted his life to the study of fundamentals of human behaviour. He is the Founder of Not Ashamed Ministries and the Chairman of Ignition To Recognition Training Group. He is a Multi-Gifted International Motivational Speaker, Author, Media Personality, Mentor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Conference Speaker, Leadership & Sales Consultant. Stephen is now available to book through Conference Speakers International

Stephen Kigwa – Motivational is a leading authority in Africa on human potential development and personal effectiveness. He addresses critical issues that affect human experience; Success, Personal Development, Parenting, Marriage and Relationships, economic and spiritual development amongst others.

His inspirational message of positivity, self-leadership, discovery of vast human potential and the discovery of personal purpose has, and continues to transform millions of people around the globe.

Kigwa helps people nurture their dreams, ideas, gifting and talents. He helps people to make the most out of their excursion through life. He helps professionals, business leaders, executives and managers with inspired education for successful living.

He helps people in life change, career change, thinking change and attitude change. He provides practical tools guaranteed to help people achieve their greatness.

His passion to help people transcends all barriers of age, culture, religion, occupation, race and creeds. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Kigwa has a distinguished client list that includes small, medium sized businesses, blue chip companies, County Governments, university colleges, schools and nongovernmental organizations.

He has been described in clients’ testimonials as an outstanding seminar leader; inspiring, dynamic and charismatic speaker; influential and transformational spiritual person who brings about guaranteed results and transformation. He is respected internationally as a Change Agent, Teacher, Coach, and Transformational Leader, for his inspiring transformational lectures and sermons. With his unique second to none inspiration style, wit, philosophy and solid common sense, Kigwa can awaken a remarkable power for achievement in you.

Kigwa has conducted workshops and seminars for managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives of Africa’s largest blue chip companies including but not limited to Safaricom, General Motors, BRITAM, Kenokobil, National Bank of Africa, Tetra Pak, GSK, Coca-Cola Bottlers, DHL, and Kenya Airways among others.