Simon SSENKAAYI – Inspiration

Simon SSENKAAYI - Inspiration

The world is hungry; this time not for what to eat or drink or pleasure, but for the relevance of life. Simon SSENKAAYI – Inspiration states that Every day, we experience migrations all over the world, movements and unsettledness among people, not because of the physical instabilities of the world mainly, but as a result of spiritual instabilities of the human race, that keep on pushing people to search for the source of truth.

In the darkness of my past, full of impossibilities all through, I found the greatest answer of life’s most hard questions of, “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”

I inspire my audiences to face challenges, by weaving my unique personal life story into the fabric of all humanity irrespective of geography. Now available to book through Conference Speakers International


  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Kick Starting your life
  • Passion & Business
  • True Happiness
  • Maximizing Your Potential

“Your story is your uniqueness; your uniqueness is your gift; your gift is your purpose; your purpose is your contribution to humanity; your contribution is your greatness and your greatness is your trade.”

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Simon SSENKAAYI - Inspiration


Finding Your Purpose

Starting Small, Growing Big

  • Techniques of establishing your dream business with minimum resources

Turning Your Passion into Business

  • Using love to generate income

Tapping into your Potential

  • Start from within not without