Raymond de Villiers – Futurist

Raymond de Villiers - Showcase Digital Disruption
Raymond de Villiers - Digital Disruption Speaker
Raymond de Villiers – Futurist talks about understanding how trends like Cheap Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Digitisation, Fintech, and other Changing Global Dynamics influence Strategy, Leadership and your Organisation.
An international speaker and consultant who has presented to an impressive list of global organisations helping them understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the New World of Work.
Raymond’s engaging story-telling style draws on his experiences around the world – including an extensive period in the Middle East – incorporating broad research and sound globally-relevant content making him a fresh insightful voice in his space.
“Understanding how technology and other trends are moulding the changing world, how this is being experienced in the workplace, and how leaders need to respond.
We cannot continue to operate as business as usual today is remotely like business as usual was yesterday.
Leaders and managers need to transform how they think and act if they are going to facilitate successful team and organisational dynamics in this new reality.
The business model of the analogue world needs an overhaul for relevance in our digital future”

Raymond de Villiers – Futurist

Ray’s message and content will help you engage critical discussion points, whether at strategic, executive, or operational management level.
His message goes down equally well as detailed input into a strategic offsite, or as a motivational conference keynote.
Raymond joins the dots many of us see, and some we don’t, to draw a picture that helps his clients make sense of the changing world around them.
Using stories, examples, and well researched content from corporates, academia, social and mainstream media he takes you on a journey toward relevance in the new world of work. 

At the end of a session with

Raymond de Villiers – Futurist whether a keynote or more interactive workshop – you will be better positioned to navigate the rapids of the turbulent new world of work in which we all function.





Cashless bank of 2020 Raymond de Villiers – Digital Disruption Speaker, author of FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial Services offers his insights into the cashless bank of 2020
5 Skills for new world of work 5 Skills or Characteristics needed for success in the new world of work:


Innovative Thinking that is adaptive

Distributed Collaboration

Multidisciplinary Exposure

Use multiple media channels

Digital Intelligence

Disruption of Careers & Retirement Longevity is a macro trend – people are going to live well past their 100th birthday. This will impact career paths and loyalty. It will also change Retirement to Re-tyre-ment
Living in Times of Disruptive change The things we did that made us successful in the past may no longer work. We cannot rely on those things as they may actually result in us having to “Bail out” of the strategy and plans we are making in order to avoid catastrophe.
Mobile first Today people carry their smart devices with them wherever they go. They expect to be able to do all important transactions via mobile and not need to go onto the web via a desktop / laptop browser.
Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Digital Natives grew up in the digital world and intuitively know how to engage with it. They share the world with Digital Immigrants who have had to learn how to use technology…. This tongue-in-cheek illustration will help you know which you are.
Blockchain simplified A very simple explanation of distributed ledgers. Nothing too heavy or complicated. But, it will help you understand what the fuss is about
Digital Currencies value & trust What are the digital versions of a trusted watermark or national coat of arms?
Gamification & Experimentation In the games that they play digital customers have learned perspectives about money. Concepts of failure and experimentation have been influenced too
Evolution of Money As society changes it changes the way it transmits value from one party or group to another. As we transition into the Digital Economy this will happen again. Our money is being influenced by digital disruption.
Gamification of money In the games that they play digital customers have learned perspectives about money.
Danger of just Digitising The transition to the Digital world is not just about bolting a digital veneer onto the old way of working. It requires a fundamental rethink of our business models
Stories about money Our parents and Grandparents have different stories of their experiences of handling money… our children will feel the same about us. We are in a time of transition and our stories are changing.
Transhumanism & TechnoEthics The current disruptions we are seeing in the digitisation of our society are being tracked by futurists and point toward a time in the near future called The Singularity. The human response will include Transhumanism… what does this all mean?
Ray de Villiers speaking on Generation X A brief introduction to the Gen X generation
Quarter life crisis Explanation of the Quarter-Life crisis life experience unique to the Millennial Generation
Mind the Gap – Understanding different Generations How should organisations respond to generational dynamics
Talent Retention for the Millennial Generation How do we keep young people staying in our business? What is the new talent retention conversation – how do we connect with those people who have left our organisation, but who will choose to move again.
Digital Natives Meet the Digital Natives
Digital Natives and Rules How do the digital natives (Millennials and Gen Z) respond to rules when compared to older generations?

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