Peter Ouko – Change Management

Peter Ouko - Change Management

Peter Ouko – Change Management founded the leading anti-crime advocacy not-for profit in Kenya, Youth Safety Awareness Initiative in 2007 while serving time on the death row of a maximum security prison for a wrongful conviction. Despite strenuous conditions and initially being locked up for 23 hours per day, he still managed to follow his passion for justice, becoming the first inmate in Kenya to study law behind bars, earning his law diploma through a distance learning programme from the University of London.

In October of 2016, Peter was released by President Uhuru Kenyatta on presidential pardon. Apart from being the CEO of the organization, he is currently finishing his LLB studies at the same University. You can now book Peter through Conference Speakers International

Peter believes in the power of the youth to effect positive change and to that extent, engages his organization to mobilize communities to build ownership around ethical leadership as well as on impactful justice, safety and social enterprise issues that enable young people to exercise their legal rights and obligations in order to reach their full potential.

Through his organization, Peter promotes the benefits of a crime-free society that addresses threats to peace, works to eliminate sexual and gender based violence as well as violent extremism through attitudinal change. Peter empowers society with knowledge on ways to access justice and also uses social enterprise programs that positively engage young people and help in rehabilitation of at risk youth and ex-offenders.

Before his incarceration, Peter had in 1989, become one of the youngest Kenyans to be appointed to a retail managerial position by the Bata Shoe Company. He thereafter went into private interior design business.

A notable corporate and motivational speaker, Peter received a standing ovation at the TED GLOBAL conference in August 2017 for his talk on the power of forgiveness and criminal justice. Peter Ouko – Change Management has given keynote addresses at the World Congress against Death Penalty Africa conference, at the World Bank Headquarters in DC as in corporate and public settings. In recognition of his remarkable community service with a strong bias towards social justice, Peter was in 2018, invited to sit on the Board of Amnesty International Kenya chapter. He also leads the Social Justice department at his home church.

Peter loves music, nature walks and mentoring young people. An avid Manchester United fan, Peter is the father of two young adults, a son and a daughter. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Follow CSI on Twitter

Keynote Topics:

  • Resilience (personal and corporate)
  • Change management (personal and corporate)
  • Governance
  • Criminal Justice and Penal Reforms