Onyi Anyado – Leadership Speaker

Onyi Anyado - Leadership Speaker

Onyi Anyado – Leadership Speaker is a multiple award-winning global leadership speaker, author, entrepreneur and workshop facilitator. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi delivers talks and workshops on corporate, educational and business platforms training and coaching his audience how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction in their chosen field.

Onyi covers topics such as vision (legacy), excellence (personal branding) and creativity (innovative thinking) From this, Onyi’s audience is educated, equipped and empowered on how to lead with distinction in the global market which is now local.  Now available to book Onyi through Conference Speakers International

Onyi also shares insights which includes his 3 I’s of leadership, 3 V’s of branding and 3 C’s of creativity.

Regarding the essence of cutting edge leadership, Onyi uses his two quotes below as a foundation and guide.

Leadership isn’t about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact and inspiration. ~ Onyi Anyado”.

Distinction in leadership isn’t about me, myself and I, distinction in leadership is about him, her and them. ~ Onyi Anyado”.

Onyi has delivered for organisations such Barclays, EY and on behalf of the Nigerian government and has spoken in countries such as Canada and the Czech Republic.

Fondly known as Mr Distinction, Onyi’s life story is titled From Detention to Distinction which involves being raised in a single parent family, dropping out of university, six friends murdered, Onyi Anyado – Leadership Speaker nearly getting shot dead, starting up in business, creating a global brand and speaking around the world. Onyi uses his life story as a point of hope, direction and inspiration.

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