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Micah Solomon – Customer Service is a keynote speaker, consultant, thought leader, and bestselling author in the fields of customer service, customer experience, company culture, hospitality, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.Micah offers keynote speeches, half-day workshops, webinars, and training on the following topics, customized to your specific audience, business situation, and challenges. Micah travels throughout the U.S. and around the world. He works independently and through reputable speaker bureaus.

His areas of focus are as follows: 

Micah Solomon is one of the world’s leading authorities on customer service, company culture, and the customer experience, as well as a renowned expert on innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He’s a bestselling author, consultant, and keynote speaker, and his books have been translated in more than a half-dozen languages and are the recipients of multiple awards. Micah is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and his expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, and Harvard Business Review.A business leader and entrepreneur himself, Micah built his own company into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment field and was also an early investor in the technology behind Apple’s Siri. His broad expertise touches also on the patient experience in healthcare, retail, automotive, education (K-12 and higher education), hospitality, manufacturing, technology companies (including SaaS and Information Services), telecom, banking and financial services, the insurance industry, law firms and the legal industry, and the not for profit and governmental sectors.

Micah Solomon – Customer Service

Speaking Topics (also available as extended workshops)Note: Keynote content will be adjusted in level for executives, management, frontline employees, or (most commonly) a mix of these attendees, depending on your expected audience.

1. Exceptional Service, Exceptional ProfitBased on Micah’s #1 bestselling book, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit. How to deliver five-star customer service and build customers for life in this age of social media, self-service, global competition, and endless distractions. Includes hands-on experience, best practices, and culture-building insight from Apple, Google, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (with whom Micah has collaborated on two bestselling books), Zappos, USAA Insurance, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and more.

2. Maximum Viable Culture™In this proprietary keynote, Micah shows you how to master the unique factors that allow you to achieve a supremely positive company culture through purpose, standards, positive peer pressure, and leadership that leads to self-leadership, based on his work with and insights into some of the great companies of today, from Zappos to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company to Apple, USAA Insurance and beyond. Keynote can be adjusted in level to leadership, management, frontline employees, or (most commonly) a mix of these attendees.

3. A Spy in the House of Business™: Secrets of Seeing Your Company with Fresh Eyes, From the Guy Who’s Seen EverythingMicah Solomon is the person the greatest companies of our time hire to mystery shop and assess their customer service and customer experience. In this drop-dead engaging keynote, he shares his insights, secrets uncovered (some details changed for privacy, of course), and how you, at your own business, can make the changes needed and start seeing your own company with fresh eyes–before you need to bring Micah in to save you.

4. The Heart of Hospitality: Leadership and Frontline SecretsThis Hospitality Industry-specific topic is based on Micah Solomon’s writings for Forbes Media and his groundbreaking hospitality industry book The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets. It features wisdom and innovative insights from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Virgin Hotels, Danny Meyer, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, as well as other luminaries and innovators in the industry, including great independent hotel, inn, and restaurant operators at every star level and price point.

5. Ignore Your Customers (and They’ll Go Away)Bring your organization’s level of customer service up to where it belongs with these actionable insights for frontline employees and/or management and leadership (content will be adjusted based on your audience) on the kind of behaviors and service mindset that leave an indelible mark on customers–that you can put into practice today, and start building loyalty and “customer ambassadors” right away. Based on Micah Solomon’s exclusive work with and insight into the greatest companies in every industry, from Forbes-rated Triple Five Star hotels to B2B companies that wow their wholesale customers, to the greats of brick and mortar retail and eCommerce (including Zappos and Amazon) as well.

6. Internal Customer Service: Serving The People Who Serve Our Customers Internal customer service–serving our own colleagues, employees, superiors and vendors–is every bit as important as external customer service (serving the end user). In this well-known and popular keynote and/or workshop, Micah explains what matters in internal customer service and how to be truly exceptional in its delivery.

7. B2B Customer ServiceB2B (business to business) customer service makes the world of commerce go round, yet often fails to get the respect and attention it deserves. Micah Solomon – Customer Service is one of the few thought leaders committed to giving the B2B sector its due, and in this popular keynote and/or workshop, he helps inspire and in struct B2B organizations and employees in how to provide truly exceptional service and a standout customer experience.

8. The Jetsons Effect: Building A Future-Ready Customer Service ExperienceThe millennial generation of customers (born 1980-2000) is even larger than the baby boom generation, and will soon represent the largest buying power in the marketplace of any generation in history. Are you ready to serve them, profit from them, and keep them coming back? Micah’s renowned research and writing on the subject for Forbes.com enliven this unique presentation.

9. Kickstarting a Culture of InnovationHow to stimulate–and sustain–a culture of innovation in an organization of any size and industry. Features practical, actionable insight in an engaging format, as well as Micah’s unique and famous 25 Innovation Prompts™ approach to sparking innovation in all areas of your company, product, and service.

10. Turbocharge Growth Through Entrepreneurship and IntrapreneurshipHow to build and sustain an entrepreneurial culture, with lessons from Micah’s own experience and broadly applicable research.

11. The Jetsons Effect: Building A Future-Ready Customer Service ExperienceOne of the challenges of our time is deciding where to put more, or less, human interaction into customer service and the customer experience. Using a fun yet useful framework of the Jetsons cartoon vision of the future, as well as much practical insight and examples, Micah helps you address self-service, timeliness, and other key issues of a future-friendly customer service experience.

12. Powering Sales Success Through ServiceCustomer service and the customer experience are the secret weapons of today’s great sales organizations. Micah Solomon shows how to power sales through an improved customer focus. With hands-on lessons and insights from top B2C and B2B companies in the U.S. and worldwide, including Apple, Virgin, Zappos, and more, and insights into all consumer demographics from millennials to boomers and beyond.

13. How Talent Management and HR Drive Great Customer ExperiencesThe greatest customer-focused organizations are also the most HR-obsessed. Micah Solomon illustrates and drives actionable insights via hands-on examples from great organizations that include The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Zappos, Virgin, Nordstrom, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic, with specific insights into the millennial generation, boomers, and beyond.

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