Marc Hauser – Motivational Speaker

Marc Hauser - Motivational Speaker

A superhero – with vertigo…

I have always wanted to fly.

At 18 Marc Hauser – Motivational Speaker started gliding, followed shortly thereafter by skydiving. Then along came powered flight and aerobatic flying. The main thing: flying. Now available to book through Conference Speakers International

With Speed Tracking, I can fill my heart’s ardent desire, truly flying forward, gliding through the air, just like in a dream. Fast and yet safely carried by the surrounding air. I fly over the earth, sail with nothing but my own body over the landscape as if man really were born to fly. Then, after a crazy ride, I open the parachute at a safe altitude which carefully brings me back down to earth. What an adventure!

In 2012 I set the World Record in Speed Tracking

First man to jump the Jet Stream in 2018

Marc Hauser – Motivational Speaker

Keynote Topics:

Marc Hauser - Motivational Speaker

Courage + motivation

Future, I’m coming.

Today, all industries are in transition. But only the brave and motivated among us will cheer later. How we can use daring and confidence in a new way, this part shows. Rejoice, because whatever happens, it will be fine.

Direct benefit to the audience:

  • New confidence for change
  • A fresh wind for the company
  • Contagious optimism

Leadership + Team

Find true strength.

We used to have all the heroic powers or at least we believed in it. The lecture brings back this basic trust. Interactive scientific experiments enable every audience to participate. Little superheroes are sleeping in us, now they wake up again.

What all take away:

  • Confidence for the departure
  • Joy of going ahead
  • The certainty: I can do it.

Risk + results

Decide on the limit.

How do we succeed in giving everything? 
And how do we get to the top, even if it goes downhill for the time being? This part illuminates the courageous action between heaven and earth. For down-to-earth ideas that get wings. And for results that impress.

The effects for the guests:

  • Fear turns into action
  • New forces at the right moment
  • Cool, even when it gets hot

Marc Hauser – Motivational Speaker

Marc Hauser tells about his adventures, which fascinate and at the same time touch humanely. In the lecture he shows the most exciting pictures and film excerpts of his missions. The audience lives with and takes off to new horizons. Look forward to a presentation that makes you want to take the decisive step further. 

Just because Marc Hauser is not a classic hero, he reaches his audience so directly. Look forward to new daring for life.

Ready for the world's first human jump into the jetstream
Ready for the world’s first human jump into the jetstream

A speech with salary for management and cadres. And beyond.

As an entrepreneur and adventurer I organize and finance my projects from scratch. 
This leads to independence, which some consider leadership. But basically we should all be leaders in our field, whether we want it to be true or not. On the way, I support my listeners. 
You can look forward to exciting and entertaining content. And on the hearty laughter of the audience. 

In my lectures I give empty words like some meat on the bones:

  • Agility  How I always get up, even after the sixth knee surgery
  • Change  from the change of continents, from the new orientation to 7600 meters above sea level
  • Resilience  In expeditions, the crisis is the normal state. How to hopeless hopelessness.
  • Industry 4.0  This will not be the last change. Everyone already knows that, who can count to three.
  • Risk-Management – How to decide, in free fall with strong wind. And how to fall into the unknown.
  • Work-life balance – If you do not see your work as part of life, you are wrong in its place.
  • Disruption – Why it’s best to invent your own discipline right away.

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