Brian Parsley – Business Speaker

Brian Parsley - Business Speaker

Brian Parsley – Business Speaker is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst and Human Capital Strategist, is rated one of the top business speakers in the United States. He is a conference speaker on customer sales and employment.

As a speaker and consultant, Brian Parsley guides business leaders to increase sales performance, solidify customer loyalty and build profits. Brian teaches time-tested business strategies and customer loyalty programs across all industry sectors including financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services.

Brian Parsley has received numerous awards for professional excellence and is listed in Business Journal’s “Top 40 executives under 40.”

Brian speaks internationally to a wide range of companies, organizations and professional associations. Book through Conference Speakers International

Brian guides business leaders to increase sales effectiveness, delight customers and build profits.
He also teaches time-tested business strategies and customer loyalty programs across all industry sectors including financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services.
His speaking style has been described as funny, insightful, engaging, thoughtful, and highly entertaining while also providing real-world insights into the connection between employee behavior and bottom-line results.


Creating Productive and Enjoyable Work Team Cultures
Do you want to stop: silo-ing, office politics, discrimination and interpersonal conflict?
Do you want to increase: corporate citizenship, staff retention, networking, job satisfaction, customer service, and a drive toward excellence in performance?
In this rollercoaster ride of entertainment and training Conrad Koch, world class comedian and culture change activist, puts forward techniques, information and insights that managers and employees alike can use to improve the both the quality and productivity of the work climate. The talk is highly interactive, humorously training audiences in how to understand workplace culture, how it affects productivity, and gives practical examples of how to uplift the workplace environment. It also touches on issues of diversity when it comes to humor, and how to create more inclusive work interactions.
Conrad has an MA in corporate culture, and is a double International EMMY nominated comedian, and, with his puppets, is a regular feature on South African TV.
He has engaged in large-scale corporate culture change programmes for the likes of SAA, Goldfields, FNB, Sun International, etc. Conrad believes in helping people to have fun and work at the same time (no, really).
Through facilitation, learning and comedy this presentation gets participants to realize how to create cultures where people love to work. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

“You were truly hilarious and I hugely enjoyed the show! A million thanks for keeping it all together with such skill and professionalism.” Bonang Mohale, Chairman of Shell SA

“Thanks so much for being part of our event – we have had such fantastic feedback from the event and without you it would have just been death by PowerPoint.  Your ears must have been burning all day, because StorTech cannot stop talking about you.” StorTech
“I’ve had an incredible amount of positive feedback on our session. You were awesome; many thanks.” Dr. Brian Armstrong, Senior Managing Executive: Telkom Business
 “Hilarious” Mail & Guardian, SA

Brian Parsley – International Business Speaker

InspHIREd - Brian Parsley

InspHIREd is not an HR handbook, or even a book that just tells you how to hire. The purpose is to tell you why and how to become a more effective leader. Whether you’re currently a CEO of an organization, or one day aspire to become a great leader, this book will teach new philosophies, help you to understand your beliefs, and learn how to put them into action.

Most people think they know how to hire, and they believe they know how to inspire, but reality says something different. Most people think they’re great leaders (most people with body odor think they smell good too).

Set aside your current belief system and how you think you should be a leader. Incorporate the principles of this book into your career and you will walk away with a renewed outlook on not just your work, but also your life.