Bernard Goosen – Inspirational Speaker

Bernard Goosen - Inspirational Speaker
Bernard Goosen - Inspirational Speaker

Bernard Goosen – Inspirational Speaker was born with cerebral palsy, which affects the motor part of the brain. He is classified as a quadriplegic as all four of his limbs are affected.

Quite literally, Bernard is the first wheelchair-bound quadriplegic to have climbed to the highest point in Africa: Uhuru point, Mount Kilimanjaro! Bernard Goosen is now available through Conference Speakers International.

“Bern”, as he is affectionately known to his many friends, chose not to live the life his doctors said he would be stuck with, but broke out of his severely restrictive disability and continues to reach staggering heights.

Quite literally, Bern is the 1st wheelchair-bound quadriplegic to have climbed to the highest point in Africa: Uhuru point, Mount Kilimanjaro!

He is a man who will not be stopped by obstacles and adversity, and he is constantly setting himself new goals and challenges.

He breaks boundaries every day, and when you listen to him as takes you through his amazing journeys, you too will be inspired to change your outlook on life and set new boundaries for yourself.

Bern believes that with the right outlook, ANYTHING can be achieved.

Bernard Goosen – Inspirational Speaker

I did not choose to be born quadriplegic,but I do choose not to be restricted by it!

People often ask me how I keep myself positive and all I can think of is that when I am negative and feel that I don’t have the strength to keep fighting, I realize that if I give up I won’t achieve the goals that I have set for myself because the ultimate responsibility for achieving these goals, is mine.”

“Although in the beginning I felt as if I was banging my head against walls, I have now realized that by setting smaller, more short term gaols, it has not only made it more rewarding but I have realized that to keep it up is becoming a habit.  It is now very difficult for me to be negative and I have also realized that if you are negative, it has a negative influence on every one around you.

The most important saying that I have ever come across is, “Life is 10% percent what happens to you, and 90% percent what you do about it!” and hopefully through sharing my experiences… my hardships as well as my triumphs to schools, companies and other organizations, I can help people come to the understanding that all circumstances can be overcome with a positive attitude.”

“Everyone has mountains to climb …. sometimes those mountains are in our minds …True triumph is about trying, whatever the result.”

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Who do Bernard’s talks apply to?

Corporates, schools or a group of individuals.

What topics do we cover during the talks?

  •     Team building and team dynamics needed for success in the project or business.
  •     Diversity.
  •     Overcoming boundaries, both personally and in business.
  •     Goal setting.
  •     Or similar topics as set by the client.


Final goodbye to kilimanjaro

Part of being positive is being able to change plans as you go along and realizing that not everything goes along to a predetermined plan. Ii’s how you deal with the change that makes all the difference.

And this is the whole story behind this trip – the fact that everybody has got mountains to climb within themselves.’ Sometimes those mountains are mountains in our mind. Real life heroes are not the cardboard cut outs of fairy tale endings.

They are molded out of disappointment and defeat and the knowledge that true triumph is about trying, whatever the result. Follow this Inspirational true life story of a man with cerebral palsy from birth as he powers his wheelchair up Mount Kilimanjaro …

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