Barbara Rogoski – Executive Presence

Barbara Rogoski - Executive Presence

Barbara Rogoski is an international executive communication coach, who speaks at conferences and events about executive presence, storytelling and presentation excellence.

Barbara Rogoski – Executive Presence is professional, knowledgeable and entertaining, with a wealth of experience that she shares in colorful keynote speeches and workshops. Now available to book through Conference Speakers International

Barbara has coached dozens of Fortune 500 executives at Microsoft, Deloitte, Accenture, ING, IKEA, Merck and many others in Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, US and Canada. As a senior TEDx speaker coach and European Commission coach, she has helped more than 100 TEDx speakers prepare their TEDx talks, which has strengthened her expertise in storytelling. 

Barbara started her career at 24, where her US based medical information company sent her to Amsterdam to open a sales office to support their international customers on the ground. She traveled the world as the face of the company with great success and was named Salesperson of the Year on several occasions. A few years later, she was invited by a Denver based informatics company to do the same and was also heralded as a success. She was promoted to join an elite sales team managing million-dollar accounts. In 2011, Barbara decided to open her own speaker coaching company after hearing so many boring presentations over her sales career. She started Successful Speaker Now and coached many executives over the years.

Barbara self-published a popular book called Boring to Brilliant – A Reference Guide for Speakers. The 2nd edition that has 160 short, colorful tips to help any speaker go from boring to brilliant.

One of her great passions is to help women gain confidence and step up to reach higher positions in their careers and their impact on society. In her Facebook group, She Speaks with Passion, Barbara shares her knowledge and advise with women from around the world looking for support to speak up and how to do it.

Barbara is an American living in the Netherlands for 30 years and engaged to be married in September 2020.  

Keynote Topics:

  • Executive Presence – What you say and how you say it matters
  • Storytelling that Sticks – How to use stories to influence any audience
  • She Speaks with Passion – Empowering women to step up
  • The Empowered Speaker – What you need to know to really impact your audience
Barbara Rogoski - Executive Presence

TEDx Coach of 100+ Talks – What the TEDx Speakers Taught Me

Barbara offers a variety of workshops on communication topics that always give the attendees practical tips and tools that they can implement immediately and long after the event. Follow CSI on Twitter

They are interactive and fun, where the attendees can have the possibility to present and practice their pitch or presentation with lively feedback from Barbara as professional coach, and also from the other attendees for a memorable team building experience. 

Workshops offered, group size: Minimum 8 and Maximum 50 

Half Day Boring to Brilliant Speaker Masterclass – up to 50 persons
This masterclass offers the attendees the opportunity to learn many new tips about public speaking, storytelling and executive presence. In the first part of the training, Barbara will introduce these concepts in entertaining ways. Then she will share her speaking coaching master tool she uses with every executive and TED speaker she coaches. Later business storytelling will be defined, and a few TED talks will be reviewed to illustrate the learning points. Each person will receive a copy of her Boring to Brilliant Reference Guide for Speakers. It is a dynamic and results-oriented training that your attendees will appreciate and remember.  

Full Day Boring to Brilliant Speaker Workshop – Up to 8 persons

In this full day training, Barbara Rogoski – Executive Presence offers the half day Boring to Brilliant Speaker Masterclass in the morning, and then in the afternoon invites each attendee to present a 5 minute pitch or presentation for constructive and useful feedback from Barbara and from the group. They will learn many new ways to communicate and will leave with practical tools they can use right away.