Abha Maryada Banerjee – Leadership

Abha Maryada Banerjee - Leadership

Abha Maryada Banerjee is India’s first internationally acclaimed woman motivational speaker, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. Founder of ASIA LEADERS CONSORTIUM ® a non-linear think tank of leaders from across Asia, Abha’s expertise lies at teaching Individual achievement, Leadership in Motion, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence.

As one of the key women Leadership Educators, she consults extensively with Blue Chip Companies and C Suite executives on Diversity cum Inclusion, Creativity cum Culture and Corporate Cultural Branding.

She is the leading go to consultant on the East West model of business efficiency based on human performance within a cultural context and now available to book through Conference Speakers International

She introduced Mental Strength and peak performance coaching for Indian Olympians. As the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for the Olympic Athletes (2012 Olympics), India received berths at the London Olympics and eventual medals at the Commonwealth Games. Having worked with many high performance individuals, she is the recipient of the Femina/Times Ascent Super Achiever Award 2018, Women Icon Award 2017, Women of Excellence Award, 2017 and Brand Builder of the year 2017 for excellence in Leadership Education, Top Asia Business Award, 2016 and REX KARMAVEER GOLD CHAKRA Award,2016 (initiated by the UN and International Confederation of NGO’s). These awards have been conferred for her outstanding work of social impact democratising personal development education.

She speaks extensively on:

  • Achievement Psychology,
  • Business X-Factors,
  • Zero-Defect Sports Leadership,
  • Alternative Impact Paradigms,
  • Feminine and Thought Leadership.

An HR Generalist, Leadership Educator, Motivational & Strategic consultant, her Consulting arm advises on Breakthrough People Strategies, Workplace Cultures, Engagement Strategies and Women’s Leadership Development Specialist. She serves on Boards as Strategic Interventionist and consults Blue Chip Companies/C-Suite Executives on progression strategies, corporate cultural brands, integrating and leveraging diverse teams & pioneering Leadership in words and action via Cultural Leverage.

An expressionist, out-thinker & performance Expert, she is a prominent strategist on Diversity, Inclusion and Culture. She emphasizes on Gender, Generational & Geographic Diversity, the 3 G’s to successfully create thriving company environments by leveraging the power of culture. She optimizes combinations & permutations of western science with eastern wisdom to create empowering and efficiency driven cultures.

Keynote topics 

Business and Leadership 

  • Achievement Psychology
  • Leadership: Alternative Impact Paradigms
  • Leadership: Business is a Spiritual Game
  • Is your Company Emotionally Fit
  • Diversity/Inclusion: The East West Way
  • The Nucleus of Business: It’s Achievement Potential


  • Female Leadership is Thought Leadership 
  • The NUCLEUS Agenda: Live life Queen Size
  • WomaNecessity: Complexity to Simplicity
  • Failure and future proofing: The Nucleus Way

Motivation/Growth/East-West Catalyzation/Spiritual

  • Peak Performance: The Dramatic and Dynamic Circle of Action and Inaction
  • Eastern Concept of Success: The Tao, Zen, Karma of People’s development
  • Emotional and Spiritual Leverages in every Workplace

Follower of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings since a very young age, she is the initiator of the motivation and personal development industry in India/2008. Her vision of revolutionizing thought development education and propagating human possibilities has made her one of the most sought after personal development and business educators. Abha Maryada Banerjee – Leadership passion for creating solutions by bridging the gap between knowledge and real life execution and instilling growth into every environment is testing new dimensions in the business/social set ups.

Abha is the India Good Will Ambassador for the BETI ZINDABAD gender equality campaigns of Action Aid, a UN agency that works towards making gender equality a reality. Fondly known as Asian Oprah & Asian Woman Motivator, she is described as charismatic, passionate, driven, a dynamic pack of energy & tons of courage, a strong lady with a lofty mind. In her words, “I think I must be a growth activist or a growth addict or a growth obsessed humanist – or all of these determined to make a difference so that the gap between theory and practical is sealed.”

Abha Maryada Banerjee – Leadership

She is the author of the best selling thought leadership book for women, NUCLEUS: Power Women Lead from the Core, translated in Indonesian and Hindi. A key Personal Leadership Influencer in the region, she regularly speaks at prestigious events on leadership and business growth including TED X. Through years of study, she found iconoclast connections between the world of law, universal laws of growth, leadership and personal development. These commonalities led her to create methodologies for developing holistic leaders in motion. Propagating non-academic concepts, tools and strategies her work makes leadership an achievable reality for those who wish to move from ordinary to effective and from effective to excellent.

The book vehemently campaigns for a growth driven mindset to transform women’s work and personal lives. It shows women how to get beyond gender and build their own growth path. Hand holding and driving them to re-define their person mentally, emotionally and from the socio-human perspective. Her Seminars are intensely focused on incorporating GROWTH in minds and environments, effectively bringing new perspectives to business and personal spaces inspiring the audience to effectively excel. She is a die-hard expressionist of thought leadership and innovating all experience for purposes of growth. The Book has sold over 400,000 copies so far with more regional translations in the pipeline.

A Ted X Speaker, she is the producer and host of the web series on Leadership called BREAKOUT where she interviews Global Influencers who have managed to merge human and business excellence by challenging the status quo. Her eventful and courageous journey has been chronicled as a story in Indian and International Books.

A lawyer by profession, having practiced business law for over 10 years, her successful stint at law prepared her for following her vision and setting foot in the field personal development. She re-trained and re-educated herself for this field at the age of 34. To continuously develop her own person, she stays engaged in her creative side indulging in theatre, acting, writing, poetry, calligraphy, sketching, food and family.

Abha Maryada Banerjee – Leadership is a regular panelist on Indian TV, recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts for her contribution to the field of personal development and leadership, has appeared on the Brian Tracy Show and appeared on Studio 1 A , The Greats in New York, in the US. She is the author of the bi-lingual poetry compilation on self-search and personal leadership called MARYADA ‘In Rendition’. Follow CSI on Twitter


‘Enthralling session with path breaking content on Diversity/Inclusion/Women Empowerment. Very futuristic and visionary in approach, Abha nailed the pulse of the audience with her authentic interactions and vivacious personality. Food for thought in an out of the box manner but simplified nonetheless.’ BlueScope/ Indonesia

‘Fantastic, to the point yet humorous contribution by Abha representing Women Leaders from Asia. Love to have her back in our next Horasis Asia Summit 2019.’ Frank Jugner/ Founder, Horasis 

‘Diversity is a vast topic and Abha made it very powerful by breaking it down into bite sized pieces for our Leadership team. Empowering to have met her in person and feeling her extra positive energy for our group.’ Tata Finance Corporation/India

‘When you need motivation, inspiration and straight talk, Abha is the GO TO person. Her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge base and power to connect makes her one of the sought after motivational speakers in India. A pioneer of the motivation industry here, wish her God speed in influencing more lives.’ Deepak Dwivedi/ Chairman and Editor in Chief/Dainik Bhaskar